Special Projects and Recruitment

Special healthcare projectsWe take on a wide range of healthcare related tasks, working with insurance companies, healthcare companies and the National Health Service.

Recruitment and Medical Staff Supply

We specialise in supplying pre-hospital emergency care staff and equipment to provide medical support in ‘austere’ areas of the world, either in the long or short term.

You can count on us for any project of any size, anywhere in the world.

If you need pre-hospital healthcare staff we can recruit them for you according to your requirements and our high expectations.

All staff we recruit are subject to a comprehensive Due Diligence recruitment process, are fully vetted and have an enhanced DBS check.

Ambulance Brokering and Repatriation

We supply medical teams to bring patients back home or from airport to hospital.

Working with insurance companies and families, we can also send our medics to bring patients home from abroad.

Our experience of providing medical care in challenging environments means we can tackle a wide range of medical problems that need innovative solutions.

Whatever your problem, we can help!

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